London’s legendary department store Liberty’s is not only a world famous department store, it is a must visit London tourist spot, having millions of people a year. Only here you can meet celebrities doing shopping or drinking coffee at the Liberty cafe. The store carefully selects the most exclusive brands, which gives is a boutique luxury vibe.

Moreover, Liberty hosts exciting talks, inviting a diverse range of speakers. The main theme is beauty and fashion, but sometimes it can be completely different.

This time the event was with the entrepreneurs behind the hugely successful Pizza Pilgrims and Soho Grind. They were discussing everything from launching businesses in tough times, to creating memorable brands and what keeps their passion for business alive at the end of a long day. It was an insightful and enjoyable talk for anyone from budding business founders to people interested in the restaurant business.

Both David Abrahamovitch and brothers James and Thom Elliot started their business from the scratch. Previously, they even couldn’t believe they are going to have a restaurants’ empire. David’s business was mostly concentrated on good quality coffee, where is now it’s not only stylish coffee shops but places with a lot of options in a menu. They follow new trends and decided to please any type of clients, either they are vegans, vegetarians or healthy life lovers. GRIND branch pays attention to their design to make their interiors attractive for photos. It’s not a secret social media is a big issue at the moment. We want to visit places where we can take beautiful pictures and post them on our Instagram, Facebook, Twiter etc. GRIND even changed their wooden tables on marble ones to make sure people have trendy pictures for their social media. Now GRIND is not only coffee shops around London, but also a recording studio and a nightclub. The brand is growing constantly and we are intrigued what we will see next.

Pizza Pilgrims has another story. Guys were having proper jobs, but they were unsatisfied and were planning to set up their own business. One day they decided they want to do pizza, they went to Italy to get experience and inspiration. The beginning was a street van selling pizza. In a year they found an investor having just a cookbook and a twitter account with a lot of followers, they weren’t really prepared. But their ambitious and desire to have a restaurant helped them to open their very own place. Now Pizza Pilgrims is a popular place to go. Brothers constantly open new branches and maybe will add new options to their menu. Will see, maybe burgers will be a new addition?

Visit GRIND and Pizza Pilgrims sites to check out locations and menus.


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