Event you need to attend | ‘Emotion in Motion’ by Erica Bergsmeds


This month, The Den at 100 Wardour St will host its first exhibition, “Emotion in Motion” featuring a series of photographic portraits where abstract light motion and human emotion meet on a backdrop of modern urban city life.

The portraits, created by fashion photographer Erica Bergsmeds, reflect her own views surrounding the social media generation and their influence on today’s society. Featuring elite social influencers and recognisable names including presenter Laura Whitmore, model Zara Martin, model influencer Nicky Thein, singer Iraina Mancini, actress Roxanne McKee, actor Tom Payne, Restauranteur Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, Dj Charlotte de Carle and many more. The artworks draw visitors away from the millions of over posed selfies and into a more candid life flow.

About the exhibition

20 January – 2 February 2017

Open daily 12:00 to 00:00

About Erica 


Having lived in Sweden, New York and London and shot for numerous acclaimed publications and fashion brands including Vogue, Hunger, Escada and Carat London, Erica is also an acclaimed film director for fashion and music videos. Erica says that this passion project is long time coming and widely supported by her friends in the industry, many appearing in the art pieces.

Having risen to fame in her late teens as an actress, Erica embarked on a mixed path of moving and still images. Naturally she connects with actors and models with ease and there are plans to direct feature films. One of her film dreams is to portray her Great Grandfather (ancestor), Harald “Bluetooth”Gormsson, who ruled as king of Denmark, but is today most famous for having our modern Bluetooth named after him. Erica’s relationship with drama with intense true moments and tangible rawness, is where the passion lies for both still images and film.

About The Den

The Den, at 100 Wardour St, is a modern Soho meets old school drinking den with super-cool staff, classic grassroots soundtracks and a stay all night vibe; somewhere to sample laid back cocktails, live music sessions and for cigar aficionados, is a straight out of Havana hideaway with hand rolled cigar selection and humidor.



Anna K

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