Can Fashion Save the Planet? | The Fashion Debates

Living in London means that you’re living in one of the most fashion conscious places in the world, a city full of different styles, upcoming designers and new trends being created.

A great way of learning about these new developments is through attending panels, such as The Fashion Debates, which is hosted in Central London.

The Fashion Debates was created by Olivia Pinnock in May of this year and focuses on discussing the ethical issues revolving around the world of fashion today.

We attended a brilliant panel held by The Fashion Debates on 24th November, which asked, “Can Fashion Save the Planet?” exploring the impact that the industry has on our world, and what we can do to improve this situation.


Jordan Wharf-Young photography

We learnt about the importance of water when it comes to making clothes, and how we’re running out of it at a fast pace -the average pair of jeans needs 1,000 gallons of water to be made- and how the fast-fashion industry is harming to our planet, with brands such as H&M and Forever21 making clothes in non-ethical ways, using the planets valuable resources, cheaper materials and toxic chemicals to produce clothing that will struggle to withstand more than 3 washes. On top of all that, when these garments quickly meet their demise, only a quarter of the 80 billion pieces of clothing produced every year end up being recycled, the rest ending up in landfills or to be incinerated.


Jordan Wharf-Young photography

Panel members Lucy Shea (the CEO of Futerra), Renee Cuoco (Centre for Sustainable Fashion Manager) and Muchaneta Kapfunde (the Editor-in-Chief of FashNerd) focused the discussion on the importance of sustainable fashions, buying second-hand, investing our money in the right companies that make their clothes in an ethical way, or supporting the ethical ventures of already famous brands, such as when Adidas used plastic retrieved from the coast of the Maldives to make 7,000 pairs of running shoes.


Jordan Wharf-Young photography

The discussion, led by Olivia, lasted for about two hours, with time made for a Q&A with the audience and networking afterwards.

“Can Fashion Save the Planet?” was a real eye-opener, taking an issue that isn’t yet openly talked about and being completely straightforward about it, allowing panel and audience members alike to discuss the problems we face and how to turn it around.

Get involved with the discussion by taking a picture of your own ethical fashions, be it second-hand or otherwise and use the hashtag #onwednesdayswewearethical, to show your support for the cause.


Jordan Wharf-Young photography

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Erin Iredale

Pictures: Jordan Wharf-Young

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