The Crown | Liberty

This November, London’s famous department store Liberty hosted an exhibition featuring costumes from one of Netflix’s newest releases, “The Crown”.  Considering the overwhelming acclaim that the show has faced, it’s not surprising that an experience such as this has been put into creation.


The gowns look as luxurious in person as they do on camera, donning a mixture of vintage materials, fur, and newer fabrics that still gave an impression of vintage.


This exhibition featured four ensembles from the show, two worn by Queen Elizabeth (portrayed by Claire Foy) and two worn by Princess Margaret (portrayed by Vanessa Kirby).


Each dress not only showcased the personalities of each character, but also reflected the journey they go on as the series progresses; for example the gowns that Elizabeth and Margaret wear in one of the shows more pivotal moments, when Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth) accompanies Margaret to the Royal Opera House in support of her sister. The difference in the cut, colour and fit of the two ensembles really show the distance that the two sisters experience at this point in the series.

Costume designer for “The Crown”, Michelle Clapton, noted that for the series, getting the costumes as close to the originals as possible was very important to give the interpretation of the ‘behind doors’ private look a greater degree if credibility. Costumes such as Elizabeth’s wedding dress and tour outfits were highly necessary to get as close a match as possible, since the drama was going to switch between original footage and the replica costumes.


There are also amazing Christmas decorations at Liberty.



Anna K

Erin Iredale



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