Decorate Your Christmas

White Christmas


Christmas makes us think about snow, the time when everything is white and bright. Decorating your white and snowy interior don’t forget to add gold accents to make your interior warmer and shiny.

Red Christmas


Make it red! Let the celebration be brighter. Red colour brings the atmosphere of the party. Switch on your candles and celebrate!


A fireplace is an important spot in a house. It is a focus point in the interior design, this is why decoration of this place is a very important part of the Christmas preparations.


The simplest way to decorate stairs is to put a garland. If you want to make it more decorative you can add decorative branches of conifers, where you can tie some baubles or other décor.

Window decoration

Window decorations will bring to your interior design a feeling of cosy Christmas time.

You can tie some baubles, DIY decorations, or lights to your window ledge.

Or you can decorate a windowsill with candles and little Christmas trees. Also, it looks really nice when you decorate a window using different window sprays.

Another idea is to create a fake window to make an interior more Christmassy and wider, as this decorative technique extending the space.

Christmas tree

This year you can pick a particular colour that makes you happy.





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