Interior Design Trends | 2017


One of the predictions is terracotta. It’s a warm colour that makes space really cosy and warm. Terracotta means a usage of all spectre of ground colours. Psychologically it evokes pleasant emotions as the colour can be associated with both fire and earth at the same time.



Cork is a natural material which means it is ecological and good for the interior design. The colours of cork can vary from light beige to terracotta, it makes it not only eco material at home but also a trendy colour of the season.


Also, the material is very practical. You can pin your notes, pictures, photos, and decor.


Dark green

This colour should be really trendy next year. It can be used as an accent in furniture, as well as elegantly on walls.

This dark spectre of green colour is refined, it will bring graceful atmosphere into a room. For those who don’t want to have kind of a green house at home, this colour is perfect. Charming, but with a hint of nature.



It’s really beautiful and sweet colour scheme for the interior design. It doesn’t mean you need to have everything in pink. Take all of the sunset colours – blue, peachy, yellow.



I would say one of the interesting trends is replica to Memphis design. I identified this particular trend, as the founder of this legendary group – Ettore Sottsass was a genius of his generation. He created unbelievable interior design pieces, predicted new trends as well as defined the real Italian taste for the 21st century.



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