Chocolate of Peace | What is the price for peace?

What is the price for peace?  

Can we even imagine the reality of a war?

WAR is a scary word. The word we even don’t want to think about.  

The newest Gwen Burnyeat’s and Pablo Mejia Trujillo’s documentary on the current situation in Columbia and how a small community lives, survives, and still believes. 


This emotional, breath-taking film made me think about things we are afraid to talk about. What is it to live in these circumstances under unimaginable pressure, hoping the war is going to end and not knowing what the future brings. 


Chocolate of Peace depicts the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado’s experiences of resistance, via a journey through their processes of organic chocolate production. From the seed to the product, the cacao is the narrative thread that takes us through the community’s stories of violence and resilience, and their fight to remain neutral in the face of the Colombian armed conflict.


This film offers a panorama of hope, and proof that despite great difficulties it is possible to sow peace through human and economic relationships. It invites us to rethink our relationship with food, to value the efforts of those who produce it, and to build bridges between the victims of the armed conflict and other sectors of global civil society. 


Internationally known brand Lush has range of different programs for communities around the world. Accidentally they found the information about this strong community and decided to help them and to support them. Now you can find absolutely organic made cacao products directly from San Jose de Apartado at Lushs’ stores.  (


Don’t be indifferent about the peace and love around the world. Support the Community and buy one piece of this fantastic product.


You check the trailer on

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