Bright Lights | Rich Simmons

After summer breaks it was a pleasure for me to organise a new Bright Lights event with Rich Simmons.


BRIGHT LIGHTS, is an interactive event, which brings together people from different art fields.

About the evening

British pop artist Rich Simmons has a new solo exhibition at RISE gallery in London. Also, his pieces were displayed at 90 Piccadilly gallery.


The chair of the evening was Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, who is the owner of the RISE gallery and helped Rich to bring to life Rich’s Reflections show.

It took two years to Rich to organise his new exhibition. During this time, he created new pieces, was exhibited in New York, met the love of his life and started to work on a comic book (His childhood dream).


One of the popular themes in Rich’s series is Super Hero’s. Rich represents them in his own provocative way. He said after his New York’s exhibition he received an order for his ‘Batman kissing Superman’ piece from the head of Warner Brothers Studios in LA. Also, he was invited to the Suicide Squad premier, where he was introduced to these characters (Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill), All though they wouldn’t re-enact his famous work. This piece of work you can see now not only on canvas, but also as the street art around London, in Croydon and in Soho.


Rich’s technique is really unique and definitely, makes him special. He said he is kind of a ‘street archaeologist’. He takes old street billboards and uses them for the background of his works, this process takes hours and hours of preparation and even involves a paddling pool. Each piece is, therefore, individual with its own story and identity.


This work ethic and attention to detail sets Rich apart from the norm and shows his passion to create something not only unique but thought provoking and inspiring.

Arter party at Lights Of Soho






Anna K

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