Tate Modern

The Tate Modern has its new twisted pyramid. It changed the way we think about the art.


A new creative space is full of the art and curiosity. The further you go more you want to find out what is next. You never know what kind of art or an artist can be displayed in a new hall.


People can love it, people can hate it. But it’s definitely the new way of thinking, it’s the new reality. It is amazing to see a new generation of artists and a new approach to displaying their masterpieces.


Artists are people who can think wider, as well as they, feel the world more sensitive than most of the people. They feel the edge of the epochs, turning points in history. What we can see now in the art can be our future.


In Tate Modern’s £260m development you can feel this new breath. Besides, you can find not only the new art, but new cafes, and shops, and chill zones. There is much more interactive art, photography, and performance. It is also thrilling to see the Tate Modern expanding the quantity of female artists on display.


“Some of this art is good. Some of it isn’t. Some of it makes you think. Some of it makes you yawn. Some of it makes you think again, and look again, and feel things you haven’t felt for a while. But an awful lot of it doesn’t. An awful lot of it makes you feel you are seeing copies of things you have seen many times before.”  The Guardians.


Anna K


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