In this busy world sometimes we want to stop and to relax. To forget everything, we have and struggle with. For me one of the best therapies is music. Especially, OKIEM’s magnificent symphonies.


It’s a great pleasure to know this composer and to attend his concerts. This time Okiem & his Orchestra performed to a full house in central London at the iconic St Giles in the Fields Church.

This night started with Natalie Gauci, winner of Australian Idol 2007, who warmed up the audience with her incredible vocals and piano playing. Her endearing charm won the audience over straight away.

After the composer appeared. The whole church was waiting to hear the new album. The atmosphere shifted the entire audience into another beautiful and colourful world. I forgot where I was and just enjoyed magical songs that this talented and inspiring composer had created.

Some tunes he heard in dreams like the author says himself, some come as if from nowhere, and he turns them into reality.

You never knew what was coming next from high energy dramatic songs such as ‘Fifty Horses’ and the title track ‘Xiro’, right through to peaceful tranquil compositions. After a medley of some popular songs, blindfolds were handed out to the audience so people could sit and just listen, fully immersed in the music in total peace with their senses heightened.


Okiem then performed his piece entitled ‘Mercy’. It was a beautiful moment and some audience members were even moved to tears. There was a call for an encore at the end and Okiem performed one more song for the eager audience. This finale was met with a standing ovation from the whole church which marked a fitting end to a fantastic performance.

Okiem’s showcase event, backed by Casio and Pianist Magazine, was very well attended by top-class booking agents to publishers and record labels and his ever-growing fan base.

Listen to music from Okiem’s debut album “XIRO” at to download.


Visit NOONEARTIST’s youtube channel, where you can find my videos: Nooneartist group

Anna K

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