Fashion Night 

In anticipation of the Paris Fashion Week, we had a fashion event in the Lights of Soho. The participants of our discussion were Jessie V E (jewellery designer) and Olivia Pinnock (fashion journalist). Our chair of the evening was Naomi Sharpe.


The Jessie V E jewellery brand is inspired by Art Deco architecture, weekends at antique flea markets and a love of anything that lights up, they create wonderfully personal jewellery with a story or a meaning that’s individual to each wearer. The intricate nature and innovative designs in the Jessie V E collections require a fusing of centuries old traditional goldsmithing techniques and cutting edge modern technology.



Jessie Evans founded Jessie V E fine jewellery with the help of her highly skilled and talented friends, all graduates in silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery at UCA Rochester, with 15 years’ experience in the elite London jewellery trade between them, and they set off to adorn the world, one sparkly hand at a time.


Yesh I am 🙂


During the event, we talked about how difficult it is now to start your business in the field of fashion and what it needs. Jessie spoke about how she started her career as a jewellery designer. She’s launched her brand recently in October 2015. During these months, she was able to establish the brand, take part in London Fashion Week, and have her brand worn by celebrities such as former Spice Girls – Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton, also Gemma Arterton, Hannah Arterton, and Kylie Minogue.


Jessie told us that one of her collections was inspired by Chris Bracey. Lights of Soho hosted a couple of exhibitions dedicated to this famous neon artist and his artistic family. Visiting God’s Own Junkyard, Jessie decided to create an unforgettable gift for her sister’s birthday (see below).


One of the questions that our audience asked was where to produce jewellery products? Jessie produces everything in London and says it underscores the fact that she is a British designer.


As an art person I was interested to know, do you need special skills to become a designer? Jessie said that there are a lot of interesting programmes and courses that can help you to understand the basics of design, you just need to have the desire, determine your style and go for it! With modern technology anyone can be a designer, you can just start from scratch, and create, and not to be afraid, but it’s good to possess some skills, such as drawing.


For sure, there is a gap between studying at university and professional practice. Many students do not understand where to start, what to do and what you need to run your own brand. My events were created to help to understand all these aspects, to explain all the complexities of working in the art industries. Interviewing already established creatives during our talks, we are trying to understand all the nuances, and the good and bad sides of working in the art industry.


Olivia Pinnock, a professional in the field of journalism, as well as a good friend of mine, conducted a great interview with Jessie and shared her own story. Olivia decided to become a journalist and to write at age 12. In her career path she found herself in the fashion industry, but the desire to be a journalist was really strong. Olivia has combined two passions to become a successful fashion journalist.


I was wondering whether you need inspiration to write? Or is it a technical process? Olivia said that certainly you need inspiration and understanding of what you write, and of course there are times when you simply don’t have any ideas what to write about. I agree, as a blogger, I do not always find inspiration to write.


We enjoyed our discussion. We learned a lot of details about what it means to be a jewellery designer, as well as what it is like to work in the fashion industry.


Thanks to everyone for coming! Thank you all for my birthday congratulations! And special thanks to the Brand Revo girls!


Bright lights

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