‘Inspiration’ with AARON and Nick Howe

When we think about inspiration, what inspires us most are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We appreciate when someone has the ability and willingness to be selfless, creative, innovative, or just dares to be different.


Lights of Soho and Nooneartist had the ‘Bright Lights into the Spotlight’ night. On this installment we had the London dreamy disco fused pop singer-songwriter AARON and Nick Howe who is well known for the energy in his live performance.

Gorgeous Naomi Sharpe was a chair of the evening and asked singers what is the true meaning of inspiration?


When we have started to talk about inspiration,  AARON and Nick had different points of view about how to get it. It turns out that not always we can be inspired by the same things. This is the complexity of creativity and being an artist. Artists are constantly in search of inspiration in order to delight us with their fruits.

Сheck out websites of these two talented musicians and their new albums:


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