Creativity with Aindrea Emelife, Joe Waldron and Natxo Borredà

What is creativity? Where does it come from? This time, we asked the young and talented artists about this process, and how they work to achieve the best results.

Joe, Natxo, Anna and Aindrea

Aindrea Emelife is an art critic, independent curator and presenter from London. Aindrea has always been compelled by the art world and has established her own unique voice with in it – art through a pop culture eye. Aindrea is currently dedicating her time towards developing her skills in art advisory and curation, as well as contributing towards the arts programming at the Lights of Soho and a collection of museums and galleries. also she is an art critic for BBC Online, FT, Guardian and Tatler and a TV presenter for art documentaries.
Please find more information here:


Joe Waldron is an illustrator. He has bright, colourful and angular characters. He loves to play with shapes and compositions and to unfold the art of telling a story visually. He finds creative influence from his own life experiences and looks to create movement that incorporates feelings of optimism and nostalgia within his illustration work.
You can find Joe’s projects here:


Natxo Borredà is an artist. The main theme of his work is the landscape. The technique that he uses in his recent work is mixed of digital photography and digital collage. Among some series he made project based on the portraits and experimentation with technical and conceptual techniques. He uses photography and painting as a connecting link to complete a work. His main reference for portraits was Arnulf Rainer, which also performs research on facial expressions and face.
Find Natxo’s projects via:


On this installment we had a Q&A session, the main questions was what it is to be an artist and how to choose the best themes for your projects. Artists gave us insightful information about there work process and difficulties on theirs paths.


Then Joe had a very interesting workshop on creativity. He asked our guests to come up with an illustration for the US, which would display the security of the country.


Also, Aindrea has a Birthday on this day! The main thing that I can wish her is to follow her dream and reach the highest top on her career path! Happy Birthday girl!


Full video via Youtube:



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