Bright Lights Into The Spotlight presents Okiem and Alex Tait

Lights of Soho and Nooneartist present ‘Bright Lights into the Spotlight’. On this instalment we had two young, talented and creative artists Alex Tait (illustrator) and Okiem (pianist, composer) sharing their career path of what it is to be in the art industry.


Okiem and Anna @LightsOfSoho

Okiem lived in Moscow for over 2 years saying that he had an amazing experience. Being the incredible musician that he is, Okiem has worked with great artists such as Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah, Idris Elba, Cee Lo Green, Kian Egan, Neon Jungle, Tinchy Stryder, Jessie J and wrote 3 songs for Sergey Lazorev album.

             IMG_4667                                           IMG_4668

Bright Lights was delighted to present Okiem’s new album launch. It was really a fantastic performance! The music was floating from the piano, the audience was listen with huge attention. You can download Okiem album by visiting his website http://www.okiemofficial.comWe are positive you will enjoy It as much as we did. 

«When it came down to it, I let the composing be as natural as possible. I’d literally sit down and record and let the music out. It was a beautiful sense of freedom as I didn’t have to compose to any brief, and I didn’t have to record to a metronome! I could phrase everything as I wanted which after playing mainly pop music consistently for 8 years was very liberating.
The whole album was created at my home studio and was a HUGE learning experience. For future albums I’m sure I’ll call on some more help and creative collaboration but for this debut experience, I decided to take on the challenge myself. So all songs are composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by me. This makes it very precious to me! So it’s a fantastic feeling to know that people like it and appreciate it, and that it makes them feel some sort of emotion or connection with a memory or past experience».


Alex and Anna

Alex Tait. The topic of the night was ‘Is illustration less important than fine art?’ Alex shared his thoughts and views. Illustration is a massive stream and the profitable art form that can acquire a wider market. Various museum exhibitions, magazines and art galleries have devoted space for the illustrators. We were very excited to have Alex at Bright Lights who gave us all an insight of this growing industry. 


Naomi and Alex


Naomi who was a chair of the evening, asked Alex what it is like to work in graphic design. Alex Tait, an illustrator with an interest in all things strange, seeks to produce work that is surreal and spirited using simple shapes and bold imagery. His art is impressive and unusual, a mixture or his thoughts and cartoon like style, he feels he can express himself in his own manner following new streams in the industry. 
It was truly a fantastic evening with two talented artists and a breath taking performance by Okiem. 





Come and join us next time to be in the stream of new trend and meet amazing, young and creative artists!

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