Rich Simmons. Bright Lights Into The Spotlight talk-show.

What an evening!


Was feeling as I was a part the Marvell comics. That night was delightful with Rich Simmons talk and his new paintings for a New York premier, we were so privileged to be first to see these pieces of art.


Rich’s paintings in pop art style, marvell theme, bright colours and pin up girls from 50s created outstanding atmosphere for everyone who came.


Dudley Nevill-Spencer and Rich Simmons

This time, the chair of the evening was Dudley Nevill-Spencer who is co-founder of the Lights of Soho gallery and a big lover of art. Dudley asked Rich about his experience, struggles in his career and how it feels to be an artist. We got a great insight into his world! Video to follow…




A bit about Rich


Rich Simmons is an award winning rising star in the British art scene. Rich’s work first exploded onto the commercial art scene with a street art piece celebrating the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. The piece entitled ‘Future ***King’ depicted the royal couple as Sid & Nancy of the Sex Pistols, capturing the feelings of a nation in a fresh and witty manner. Images of the work reached a global audience within hours of its completion.


Rich’s artwork deconstructs objects and relationships that are dear to him. He compartmentalizes items and subcultures and celebrates their relationships. Involving the viewer in direct commentary, he juxtaposes their understanding of subject matter with his own sometimes abrupt, opinions and sense of humour. His street art roots are reflected in the use of his often elaborately detailed stencils. Experimentation and a prolific work ethic have helped to evolve Rich’s status as the Opera Gallery London’s rising star.


Rich formed ‘Art is the Cure’ in 2008 to spread a message of support, understanding and escapism through creativity. As a mild autistic himself, Rich has first hand understanding of the release creativity can provide. He now uses sales of his artwork to continue to spread his ‘Art is the Cure’ message and supports a number of partner charities.


Lucy and I lucky owners of Rich’s new sketches.



I’m waiting my for my picture.


New art is ready!


Guests by the bar.



Lucy is preparing for the talk-show.

If you missed the evening, video will be coming soon.


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