On Tuesday 4th August we had the ‘Bright lights into the spotlight’ talk with our amazing fashionistas, Aksha Fernandez (architect turned shoe designer), Rachel Holland (A-list stylist for Dannii Minogue, Caroline Flack, Lionbabe as an example), Marta Brodacka (fashion photographer, whose latest works has been posted in Pigeons and Peacocks) and our host being Olivia Pinnock (fashion and lifestyle journalist) at Lights Of Soho Gallery.




Rachel has always believed in the intrinsic beauty of imperfection and is drawn to the unusual, the challenging and the mysterious within creativity and art.

Storytelling and creating a narrative has been something that she has been doing for as long as Rachel can remember.

Her work is motivated by a belief that images can be a powerful way to make a statement or to create a mood, without using any words. Rachel believes in effortless, truthful styling, allowing a persons true character to shine through, or to create an image that’s pure fantasy and make-believe and to play with various aspects the personality and psyche.

Currently Rachel holds the title of Womenswear Fashion Editor at FAULT Magazine as undertaking freelance styling and art direction for brands, celebrities and magazines.




Aksha Fernandez is originaly from India, where she trained and worked as an architect. She later studied shoe design in Milan, Italy, and is now based in London where she set up her eponymous womens footwear label in 2011.

The shoes are designed in London and handcrafted in collaboration with the some of the best artisan shoe makers in the Veneto region, Italy.

Aksha is not a strong beliver in fast fading fashion trends, but believes in carefully handcrafted work combined with timeless designs that tells a story. Her shoes often take strong references from architecture and nature.



Marta began her London portfolio as a restaurant and food photographer. She felt like she had discovered a natural talent in creating attractive and tempting subjects.

Subsequently through networking, emailing designers and venues, she developed a client base. As her experience and confidence developed, she volunteered working at multiple locations on styling, makeup art and producing her own fashion/ editorial shoots.

Martas latest successful shoot ‘Russian Doll’ in collaboration with three London based designers, was posted in Pigeons and Peacocks

Marta is an autodidact who learnt fashion photography production and post-production by experience and passion. She is extremely excited to be starting a MA course in London College of Fashion in September, one of the subjects being 3D holographic videos, which she believes is the future of fashion.



Olivia Pinnock is a London-based, NCTJ-trained journalist specialising in fashion and lifestyle.

She has a particular passion for discovering new talent, vintage fashion and creating insightful character interview pieces and was previously Features Co-ordinator at up-and-coming talent publication 1883 Magazine and Editor at emerging fashion marketplace TellusFashion. Other publications include FAULT Magazine, Fashion156.Com, HOTHOT Magazine and the official Fashion Scout blog.



This was a truly inspirational and educational talk with these creative, young talented fashionistas. Thank you for this great insight into the fashion industry and for sharing your experiences with us.



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