The launch of “Into the Spotlight” by NOONEARTIST AND LIGHTS OF SOHO

We are delighted to present our new project “INTO THE SPOTLIGHT” in collaboration with Lights of Soho gallery. This talk show concenrates on bringing together people from different art fields. We will select young celebrities and ask about their career journey. A celebrity will be interviewed by a successful blogger in that field. We believe that this project will help lots of young people become more confident and gain insightful information  about their future jobs.

We would like to create a powerful community for creative young people, which will include current students, graduates, young professionals, tutors etc.

Our first series was “Graduates in Art”, where Aphra Shemza (on the left) and Sara Barnes (on the right) were interviewed by Cecily Mullins about their careers, challenges they faced during the work, future plans and current projects.


A wonderful singer was opening our evening


Aphra Shemza, Sara Barnes and Cecily Mullins



Aphra Shemza’s “City Lights” interactive sculpture. It gets brighter as the person walks up to it.


Some more photos from the evening



Tracy Sedino, the co-owner of Linda Farrow has joined us as well




Nooneartist group (ND Son, Anna Klio), Cecily Mullins, Aphra Shemza and Sara Barnes after the talk


Nooneartist group member Meri M in front of some amazing works at Lights of Soho


If you would like to join us on our next event, please, email to for more info! We are awaiting some great young artists for our next talk! Stay tuned!

ND Son

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