Sir John Soane museum visit

John Soane was a famous English architect. He was born in 1753 and died in 1837 after having a long successful career. The son of a bricklayer he began his career at 15 under George Dance the Younger. In his early 20s he already became famous for his ambitious architectural proposals. He designed 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, where his museum is now, as his home and as a setting for his antiquities and works of art.


He established the house as a museum by Act of Parliament (1833) requiring that his romantic and poetic interiors be kept as they were at the time of his death.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures inside, so I had to borrow some photos the museum’s site. Be prepared to put your belongings into special plastic bags that they provide. I is done to protect object and walls from accidental scratching as the corridors are really narrow.

A long queue outside


Sir John Soane’s collection of antiquities.



A room full of secrets. This tiny room contains around 100 painting which cover the walls from top to bottom. This type of decoration was a personal preference of Sir John Soane.



There was a guide in this secret room who spoke Russian, so we had a lovely conversation with her. She explained a lot of things and guided through each set of paintings.

Hope you enjoyed our post about this wonderful museum!





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