Business Design Centre. Modern art guide. PART 2

Last Tuesday we made a post about modern art available to buy at Business Design Centre in London. If you missed it here is a link:

Here is the second part as promised!

Patrick Hughes was born in Birmingham, England in October 1939. He has been exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery (now Flowers Galleries) since 1970. He has written and collated three books on visual and verbal rhetoric. Hughes’ work is full of irony. By creating a world solidified into perspective he makes pictures that come alive before our eyes. This work is called “Silver City” (oil on board construction) and costs £21600. 

DSC_0598 DSC_0599 DSC_0601

Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London. He has created a buzz for himself with bold, largescale figurative paintings, even listed by Saatchi as “one to invest in today” (Sept 2013). I personally really like this work. It gives me such a strong feeling of freedom. Definitely would like to have that at home. Please, visit Andrew’s website This work is £18500


Juliane Hundertmark paints mythical and rebellious characters from her imaginary world, brought together to form theatrical and disturbing scenes. Many of the characters in her paintings refer to historical and religious events. This painting to me is very disturbing but I see some elements that represent the flaws of our society nowadays. I am not sure if that what was meant by the author but it is my opinion “Dawn” £5500


Korean artist Kwang Young Chun (b. 1944) has gained global recognition as a contemporary master of paper. Featuring hand-cut triangles of polystyrene individually wrapped in delicate pages torn from Korean texts, his striking textured canvases and monumental organic sculptures have rippling, sensuous exteriors that evoke the surface of the moon.

DSC_0627 DSC_0631

Choi So Young Born in 1980 in Busan Korea, Choi graduated from Dong Eui University in Busan. Choi first earned recognition at the Soho Exhibition of The Six Seers in Busan, 2000. Choi’s works have subsequently been exhibited at a range of major local and international exhibitions. She creates amazing cityscapes using denim clothing

DSC_0636 DSC_0638

Please, let us know in the comments, which artist from the ones above was the most inspiring to you! It would be really interesting for us to hear your opinion. Stay tuned for more art and design related articles.


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