KK Outlet visit

KK Outlet is a communications agency that ties brands and communities together by creating meaningful media neutral experiences. The gallery and bookshop upfront is an outlet for collaborative shows, and sells books you won’t find anywhere else. KK Outlet is the London outpost of KesselsKramer.

Nous Vous are a London based collective made up of Jay Cover, Nicolas Burrows and William Edmonds. A group of artists and friends working together with gusto since 2007; across the realms of illustration, print design, animation, art direction and set design. Although each member has a distinct practice, their work when brought together creates a witty and thoughtful world of colour, form and play.
Their joyful creative output has been tapped by the likes of Nike, Tate, New York Times, Domino Records, Studio Weave, the Southbank Centre, Frieze, Vanity Fair and the Walker Arts Centre among others.
For KK Outlet’s inaugural 2015 exhibition, Nous Vous are showing off the fruits of their last six months; an unashamedly epic period of intense productivity. Cramming KK Outlet with new drawings, objects, visual research, ephemera, products, sounds and prints. The work on display is the product of their studio practice, and also includes some of the objects created as part of their much-lauded residency and show A Watery Line, which took place during Summer 2014 in Leeds.

   Photo 08.01.15, 19 40 32 Photo 08.01.15, 19 39 20 Photo 08.01.15, 19 39 09Photo 08.01.15, 19 41 11Photo 08.01.15, 19 38 41Photo 08.01.15, 19 35 33Photo 08.01.15, 19 35 09 Photo 08.01.15, 19 38 27 Photo 08.01.15, 19 38 06Photo 08.01.15, 19 46 00   Photo 08.01.15, 19 34 43

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