Chocolate Factory N16 December 2014

The Chocolate Factory N16 is home to 27 studios of artists, illustrators, ceramicists, printmakers, lighting designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, film makers and graphic designers.

Their studio doors were open to the public throughout the weekend of 6th/7th December 2014.


In 1994 when Keith Ashley was looking for a studio for himself he came across a derelict Victorian building at the end of a mews off Stoke Newington High Street. It had been a chocolate factory until 1959, but had fallen into disuse. Despite its dereliction it was an attractive building around a cobbled yard with lots of character and a warm atmosphere. Although somewhat daunted at first, Keith bought the building and converted it to provide 13 studios for artists and the Chocolate Factory N16 began its new life. In no time the studios were full, so when the building next door became available, that too was bought and rebuilt to create another 14 studios. Work was completed in January 2007.

image-08-12-14-12-09-5 image-08-12-14-12-09-6

“The entire sentence is one long metaphor. Nothing requires more exactness from a
translator than the translation of a metaphor. That is where we glimpse the core of an
author’s poetic originality.”
Milan Kundera – Testment Betrayed




Aneta Regel Deleu

Ceramics Sculpture





The exploration of clay is probably the most important aspect of this work.

IMG_4150 “The pots that I make are thrown and finely turned and when they are dry I paint a range of coloured slips sometimes over stencils or wax resist,or both, overlapping the colours to produce greater tonal depth”


Cecilia Vargas

image-08-12-14-12-09-9 image-08-12-14-12-09-10

Amelia Humber
Oil paintings which strive to relay the atmosphere and emotion of the landscape through a personal and momentary experience.  They contain the ideas of capturing the sublime and those immediate feelings of drama in a continuously changing landscape.
Alexandra Blum Painting & Drawing

Michael Brown


Rude Illustration, animation & Product

image-08-12-14-12-09-4 image-08-12-14-12-09-1

Facebook: /TypeTasting Graphic design & Typography


Catherine Jacobs: Working in both photography and mixed media she explores ideas of stillness and movement through both urban and rural landscapes.

If you contact any of these companies, please, mention our blog Cheers! Stay tuned for more amazing art!


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