East London Design show. December 2014

Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, this huge space provides place for more that 25 small businesses. For a small fee of £5 (£3 concessions) you get an access to the market, which provides a diverse range of goods from original makers.

DSC_0192 DSC_0197 DSC_0206


Epoh Ireti is a company that makes luxury candles. All of our ingredients are organic from the essential oils used to their carefully chosen plant based soy wax.;


Galapagos is a new creative store bringing vintage furniture to the forefront of design.;


Nick Fraser produces a range of contemporary interior products and furniture. Bringing in industrial forms he creates playful design, which can fit in any space.


Stolen Form is doing these amazing utensils using construction materials and objects.


Reclectic is a furniture design shop which takes vintage pieces and puts a certain design on its surface, representing the way an object was used before.;


Woodlab concentrates on recycled hand-crafted wood furniture. They customise pieces to your needs as well.

If you contact any of these companies, please, mention our blog Cheers! Stay tuned!


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